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The Andreas G. Papandreou Foundation

The Andreas G. Papandreou Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation. Its mission is to become a center of excellence for social research, policy analysis, conflict management and peace-building in the spirit and vision of the extraordinary academician, leader and statesman, Andreas Papandreou.

The Foundation aims to achieve these goals by supporting activities that strengthen cultural awareness, civil society and international co-operation within the European, Mediterranean and Global communities. As such, the publication of books, the commissioning of studies and papers, the co-ordination a series of speeches and lectures by outstanding scholars and world-leaders in their fields, along with the promotion of public dialogue on issues of importance to society, will drive the major undertakings of the Foundation.

One of the key challenges of the Foundation is the advancement of democracy in all regions of the world just as Andreas Papandreou contributed to the advancement of democracy in his country, Greece. Through his numerous parliamentary speeches, his media appearances, his late night discussions in towns large and small, his coffee-house debates in villages throughout Greece, he offered a living example of what it means to develop and present an argument and to inspire people to enter careers in politics and public service. His academic analysis and political passion moreover, served as a motivating factor for the citizen to develop a systematic, rational and participatory method of debate that constitutes the cornerstone of a democratic society.

The creation of an historical archive based on Andreas Papandreou's academic and political writings, as well as his major speeches, will provide a rich resource for scholarly endeavors and will be available to all citizens. The compilation of an oral history of his life and his times through the voices of Greek people around the world is a project of great significance for the Foundation, as is the establishment of an electronic archive of modern Greek history (since 1919) based primarily on newspapers articles.

The Foundation will provide a limited number of grants and scholarships in the areas of interest to the Foundation with the aim to promote greater understanding and co-operation between the academic world and the world of practical politics.

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