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“An opportunity to discuss and contribute, from wherever we are, to this great dialogue that brings politics forward.”

MATS KARLSSON  -  World Bank Country Director in Middle East and North Africa

Symi Symposium 20th anniversary

Harnessing Globalization

Globalization inspires awe, hope and enthusiasm but also fear and anger leading also to movements for “de-globalisation”. Unimaginable global networks have emerged allowing for new forms of social organization.

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Symi Symposium

The Symi Symposium is an annual gathering of global thinkers following the tradition of Ancient Greek philosophers. It brings together like-minded individuals from different backgrounds, leading intellectuals, politicians, Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs, diplomats, scientists, and activists to discuss some of the most pressing issues of our time. It was first held in 1998, on the island of Symi, which has lent its name to the Symposium ever since.



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