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Subject:13th Annual Symi Symposium

13th Annual Symi Symposium

The 2010 Symi Symposium "Fast Forward: Progressive ideas for Greece, Europe and the World" took place from July 12‐15 on the island of Poros.

With global attention fixed on the fiscal crisis in Greece and global economic recovery still uncertain, discussions  explored the opportunities that arise for improved governance and economic diversification. Taking the national, regional, and global dimensions into account, morning sessions were devoted to past experiences of political renewal and economic recovery abroad, while afternoons expored ways to apply and adapt the lessons learned to Greece.

Symi focused on how Greece can build new economic and social foundations through a combination of policies designed to restructure and revitalize democratic governnance, streamline the public sector, and incentivize a new kind of green growth that will increase productivity, enhance job creation and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon development model.

Participants also addressed Europe's crisis of leadership by working to elaborate a blueprint for more coherent and effective regional governance, and for a new European role in global affairs in the century ahead.

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