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Subject:14th Annual Symi Symposium

14th Annual Symi Symposium

The 2012 Symi Symposium "A Progressive’s Toolbox in Times of Crisis: Staying Relevant while Leading Change" took place from July 15-18 on the island of Samos.

In our deliberations, we revisited the crisis in and around Greece and discussed the links with developing European positions and issues of global governance. We aimed at deepening our understanding of the challenges ahead of us, such as the ongoing crisis in the financial world, the debate on fiscal austerity versus growth, the relevance of the green growth agenda after Rio+20 and the pressure on our democratic institutions as we know them.

What is today's progressive agenda? What are the innovations and tools for progressives today to strengthen democratic politics, and face these issues effectively in and beyond national borders? How to deal with the rise of undemocratic practices and beliefs, such as nationalism, racism, populism or fundamentalism, as effective alternatives to the imbalances, injustices and inequalities of the global economy?

Our world is rife with ongoing ideological and practical debates that surround these global crises. Building on the recent Greek experience, our Symposia’s goal is to contribute to the development of a set of practical and innovative steps where progressives can pool forces, intervene and make concrete proposals, while also taking immediate action to help those most in need.

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