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The Symi Symposium

The Symi Symposium, which has been led since its inception by the former Greek Prime Minister George A. Papandreou, brings together leading intellectuals, politicians, Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs, diplomats, scientists, and activists to discuss some of the most important issues of our times. It was first held in 1998 on the island of Symi, which has lent its name to our retreat ever since.

"Symi" is meant to initiate and nurture spirited deliberation in a discreet setting, while giving participants the opportunity to learn from each other in a more personal and substantive way than is usually possible. The overarching ambition of this initiative is to foster ideas that help make our societies more equitable, more responsive to the needs of citizens, and better equipped to overcome global challenges. After thirteen annual symposia, we are proud of a legacy of deliberations and friendships that have borne fruit in the form of significant policy initiatives, ventures, and public service.

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