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Subject:18th Annual Symi Symposium

18th Annual Symi Symposium

"Cyber-Challenges for Peace, Democracy, Communication"

Do you believe it is urgent to discuss creatively the challenges and opportunities arising from the digital revolution?

How do algorithms affect our democracies? How do we recognise fake news and propaganda? How can we protect elections from hacking? Should fines and penalties be levied against fake news?

What criteria can we use to evaluate the impact of social media on democracy and civil society? How can new technologies be used in conflict resolution and peace building? How can digital and innovative tools improve the management of humanitarian assistance? Can digitally illiterate decision makers assess the choices that next generation societies will face?

The fifth industrial revolution is underway; do we need a reinvention of the educational system? Is the approach emanating from the World Economic Summit on the fourth Industrial Revolution relevant to address the social impact of new technologies?

Is digital inequality a hindrance for global development?

Should human security become a key parameter in addressing cyber-threats? Do we need a new International Treaty to address cyber-security? Should we recognize cyber-space as a ” global common good”?

These are some of the questions that will be debated in the 2017 Symi Symposium, in a unique informal setting that bring together high ranking politicians, decision makers, top executives from international organizations, policy planners, academics, entrepreneurs, innovators and global creative thinkers.


Symi Symposium 20th anniversary

Harnessing Globalization

Globalization inspires awe, hope and enthusiasm but also fear and anger leading also to movements for “de-globalisation”. Unimaginable global networks have emerged allowing for new forms of social organization.
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